Friday, January 21, 2005

Not comic Book related but Batman related :-)


Sony will release Batman and Robin -- The Series Collection, a two-disc set collecting the 1949 theatrical serial, on March 22.

Here's how Sony describes the set:

"Join superheroes Batman and Robin in 15 action-packed episodes of one of the most thrilling adventure serials of yesteryear. The Dynamic Duo careens from one nail-biting cliffhanger to the next as they combat The Wizard, a villain with all of Gotham City at his mercy. This action adventure was originally shown in movie theaters in 1949, one chapter at a time in weekly installments.

"Batman (Robert Lowery) and Robin (John Duncan) help Commissioner Gordon (Lyle Talbot) battle the Wizard, a villainous madman who steals a top-secret remote device allowing him to control all the moving vehicles in Gotham. Between The Wizard trying to destroy them and Bruce Wayne's love interest Vicky Vale (Jane Adams) working to uncover their identities, The Dynamic Duo careen from one nail-biting cliffhanger to the next as they set out to save Gotham and foil The Wizard's plan for world domination."

Writers included Bob Kane, George H. Plympton, Joseph F. Poland and Royal K. Cole. The series was directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet.

Click on the thumbnails for box art and menus from the DVDs.


At 2:07 PM, Blogger Pat said...

I've never seen this one, although I've watched parts of the 1943 serial, which is really wretched.


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