Monday, January 31, 2005

Poll Results

Okay, the poll for triggers has seen no activity for the last few days so I hearby declare the poll closed.

Here are the results with percentage - actual # of votes.

All 3 Versions: 41% - 12
Only Condensed: 23% - 7
Both Complete and Condensed: 17% - 5
Both SemiCondensed and Condensed: 13% - 4
Both Complete and SemiCondensed: 3% - 1
Only SemiCondensed: 3% - 1

Total Votes: 30

8 of those only want 1 trigger, the rest (22) want multiple triggers.

I am thinking of creating a simple !posted or !scanlist trigger that will send people a message about the 3 types of completes, like !projects works for projects.

Simply because our topic line is getting kind of crowded and folks won't be able to see them all if we add SemiCondensed to the top.


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